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Therapeutic Chakra Balancing

We are not just physical entities. We enjoy five sheaths (koshas) of bodies, the physical (Annamaya) body, the energy (Pranamaya) body, the Mind (Manomaya) body, the Knowledge (Vijñānamaya) body, and the Bliss (Anandamaya) body. 


Our physical body is a sacred vehicle that possesses 98% of energy and 2% matter. There are two inevitable polarities in our energy field, namely positive and negative. The life force or Prana that sustains and balances our energy system. In addition, there are various other energies such as kundalini and the energy of the five gross elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) that are flowing in and out of our system. The centers of our energy system are called chakras.


There are seven major energy centers or Chakras. These energies are subtle and promote our mental and physical health. We have the means and strength to activate the chakras, charge the positive polarity and discharge the negative polarity. This can bring balance to your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

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The goal of the chakra balancing session is to identify where the negative energy is flowing or leaking, and learn practices to balance our energies. You will learn how to remove negative blocks and resolve your issues and find perfect alignment, integration, and flow of your energy system. Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming to comprehend, but Sri Madhu Sai's wise guidance will lead you with confidence through your healing process so that you can find true joy and happyness.


All appointments are 60 minutes in length.

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