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We all know that many of us are feeling the mental health effects in many ways. Many frontline workers, employees, and homemakers are fractured mentally, physically, and emotionally due to overwhelming stress, long work hours or past experiences. Many of them are taking long breaks or quitting from their profession to recover from mental exhaustion and distress. Emotions are running high where they are experiencing generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Inner resilience to build a new perspective lifestyle: A comprehensive, well-rounded program that helps relieve inner suffering through evidence-based CBT theories, mindfulness, relaxation, and self-awareness. It provides a unique lifestyle perspective and behavior.

The program helps bring relief to inner suffering through practice of mindfulness and self awareness.

  • It will allow the participants to help develop a solid footing and grounding with new thinking, behavior, and lifestyle.

  • The program is developed to promote personal healing and to bring balance to your relationships.

  • The program combines a evidence-based clinical approach and time-tested methods and practices for participants to get back to a happy place where they can experience inner stillness. 

Inner Resilience Program Overview

Investment and details

Where: at The Happyness Center


When: We need to register at least 10 participants to start the group program. 


Your investment: $ 500 each person 

Email with any questions: 

​Sign up now and save your spot. 

Wellness Coach

Program Outline

Inner Resilience is a 30 hours program in its entirety; however, each learning module is designed to cater the needs of the group with a unique activity. A brief description of each learning module is outlined below. 

Module 1: To release mental blocks. 

Body movement and breathing techniques will assist in releasing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental blocks and helps the individual to discover their true purpose. 

Module 2: Build self-confidence. 

In group energy healing, practitioners will discuss and show how to practice inner healing in order to push away any negative forces hindering their self-confidence.

Module 3: Awaken emotional intelligence. 

In a safe environment, we support the participants to acknowledge and see the origin of their trauma. We practice clinical techniques and holistic methods to release the conditioned mind and mental images that can free them from their trauma.

Module 4: Overcome mental limitations. 

We understand and appreciate that mental wellness must be accompanied by physical health as well. We blend outdoor activity and community integration to enhance and contribute to individual’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 


Module 5: Discovering new perspectives. 

Participants will learn a balanced lifestyle and skills to help understand the mechanisms and effects of operational stress on the mind, body, and relationships.

Benefits of the Inner Resilience Program

  • Acquire new skills on how to create a positive energy in the workplace. 

  • Develop personal tools to help relax and bring back in the work environment to function more efficiently. 

  • Develop skills to practice inner work where they can come out of any negative talk or toxic thinking. 

  • Build inner resilience to work as a strong unit with team members without being fractured or divisive. 

  • Have a balanced lifestyle by realizing their mental, emotional, and spiritual strength and incorporating new thinking and behaviors.

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