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Michelle Morrison Medium

Michelle Morrison is a Psychic Medium with a lifetime of experience.  It was not until ten years ago that Michelle decided to be true to her own heart and follow her own passion of speaking to and delivering messages from Spirit to those wanting to make connections with their higher self, angels and spirit guides and particularly loved ones who are in heaven.  Michelle has a gentle and loving way of delivering on point messages and is known for her sense of humor.  Michelle has an ability to receive and share messages while she bridges the understanding of our physical world to the non-physical world and just how close we all are.  Life truly is eternal and the meaningful and on-point messages will help you to know that more than ever before. 

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Medium and Reading Services 

During a session with Michelle, she will tune into the energy all around you and deliver the messages from spirit that are just for you.  Spirit always dwells on the messages that bring you the most support, love, light, well being and abundance.  Speaking to your incredible potential and your healed state.  It takes a great deal of courage to be a spirit walking a human life and one of the most powerful things that we can experience is to know our soul in being, to know the truth of who we are and all that we are capable of.  The challenges and bumps that we experience in life, occur to help our souls to grow and expand and the journey is all about bringing even more love and light, each in our own beautiful ways.  The ways in which we do this is what the journey is all about.  Thankfully, we are so loved and supported on our journey and tuning in to that help and utilizing it can be deeply empowering and healing.  Connecting to the love, support and guidance that we all have with us can truly help to make the journey much more full of love.  During a session with Michelle, you will find connection with all of those things and leave with the tools that will continue to help you to connect and to feel that love and support.


You can book a session with Michelle by visiting her website and choosing the type of visit that is perfect for you.

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