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Wilma Price - 11/1/2019


I joined RUNClub in 2004, primarily for health related reasons, though my subconscious was likely seeking more than just physical healing. At the beginning of my time with RUNClub, I really didn't enjoy the emotional fitness side - the regular communication about the important of self-love, community and inner growth - but I chose to stay with it as I began to realize that it was starting to change my overactive mind. It is interesting how the universe brings us what we need the most even when we fight it tooth and nails isn't it?


Now, this is my favorite part of this club. RUNClub helped me in ways I never expected, and has helped me overcome many challenges by sticking to regular running. Then, when my mom passed away, my sadness and grief caused me to desperately seek for something to help me see what I wasn’t seeing and tools to help me deal with this incredible loss. Yet again, the universe delivered - I heard about a trip to India through The Happyness Center. I had always wanted to travel to India but was afraid to do it alone, so I decided to attend the info session. There, I learned that on this trip I was not just going to see some sights with other tourists, but rather this trip would take the group to sacred temples, to participate in ceremonies that most non-local people aren’t allowed to and that everything from travel, lodging and all food, down to the smallest of details would be organized. I also found out that the trip included running, yoga, meditation and many mindfulness practices and teachings. Without any hesitation or doubt, I put my deposit down right there that evening; this was exactly what I had been looking for. And in January 2017 I arrived in India.

These two weeks forever changed my life. Madhu Sai shared philosophy and architecture and our tour guide gave us information that enhanced our experience greatly. I met truly wonderful people and saw a part of our world and a different culture up close. One of the most impactful experiences was seeing true poverty and yet seeing those who are living in it being  truly grateful for the little that they have and willing to share everything with those of us who live in abundance without appreciating it; it pulled on the strings of my heart.

Before this trip to India, I had a tendency to walk away from what I didn’t like because of my competitive personality. I didn’t see the value of yoga and just couldn’t wrap my mind around it enough to understand it.  On this trip I joined Yvette Lehmann’s (Yoga with Yvette) yoga class where for the first time, she I experienced the feeling of calm and I knew I wanted more of it. For most of my life, I have always trusted and listened to my gut feelings, but now because of my regular yoga practice I really have gotten to know and trust myself in a new way. This trip brought me many new experiences, including: meditation, energy work and breath work that I now practice regularly.

I now feel more confident in trusting my gut, it is different in how I feel about ME. I went from an anxious, competitive, busy-minded, self-judging person, to a loving, caring, understanding and calm being. I am in love with the new Wilma and I know others are too.

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